Calvi to Mâcon

Thursday morning . . . our taxi was once again an Audi Q7. We felt even more important when we turned up at the GA building at Calvi Airport. Licences and other paperwork were asked for and all luggage went through the x-ray scanner (although the one guy checking us through didn’t even glance at the scanner screen as he was busy filling in forms). We had successfully smuggled in a microlight the day before but Nick nearly gave the game away on climb out. Luckily he had the RT switches in the wrong place again.  Calvi Dep

Calvi Dep 3

SkyDemon MedAbout thirty miles out over the Med there was a slightly nervous call from Mark in the CTSW. They had heard an unwelcome rattling from the wing above them and we had to fly over the top of them to check they still had both wings attached. Thankfully the rattle disappeared after a while and we flew on into the haze.  CTSW Med

Nice Information didn’t let us through the LFD54 danger area so we had a bit of a dog leg before coasting in near St Tropez. We stayed at FL45 all along the coast to Marseilles – a shame in a way because low level would have been fun.
Carpentras was quiet but neat, tidy and efficient – an ideal stop over – and we pressed on north with plenty of UL91 in the tanks.
IMG_0694 cropped

We followed the Rhone northwards past Valence – scene of our weather diversion in 2012 on the way to Gap-Tallard to do some mountain flying – and also former home to the Parkers, our hosts at Mâcon.

Valance Marina  - previous base for the Parker family boat
Valence Marina – previous base for the Parker family boat

The decision to go east round Lyon was the right one. The request from Lyon Information to stay below 1000′ above ground level was accepted happily.

Example of the data display possibilities with the Garmin VIRB camera and editor software:
VIRB East round Lyon Map

Mâcon was an interesting stop, with Mark’s Dad picking us up at the airfield and driving us in to the town. After much appreciated refreshments on Mark’s parents’ boat . . .
. . . we had an excellent meal together in the town centre where even the classy restaurants were showing the opening Brazil World Cup game.

Excellent meal with our hosts in the town square
Excellent meal with our hosts in the town square
Our canine host at Mâcon
Our canine host at Mâcon

Next leg: Mâcon to Troyes-Barbery and on to Abbeville

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