Exploring Elba

The Hotel Brigantino in Procchio was perfect for a rest day and we indulged in time by and in the pool and drank several cold beers. Drying out the contents of a submerged wallet was the most difficult challenge.

Elba Hotel Pool
Elba Hotel Garden
Our accommodation and events manager, Mac, had managed to conjure up a hire car when none seemed available and we took the coast road anti-clockwise round the western half of the island.

Coffee in Marciana Marina . . .
Marciana Marina Elba
. . . and lunch in a pizzeria overlooking St Andrea.

We indulged in a slow ascent, in crude bucket cages, up the island’s highest mountain . . .
IMG_0646 IMG_0648 IMG_0651
. . . and Mac checked out whether the CTSW would be able to take off from the helipad at the top . . .
Mac Helipad

The day ended with a short drive to Portoferraio for an evening meal . . .

Who could fail to spot the idiot twice?
Who could fail to spot the idiot twice?

Next leg: Calvi across the sea to St Tropez, Carpentras and Macon

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