Padova to Venice Lido

We returned to the airfield at Padova and paid silly money for the poor service. The pleasures and perils of having a sliding canopy were demonstrated on the apron as we enjoyed the cooling slipstream on start up not knowing that a knee pad containing much important stuff had been casually left on the wing walk area. It probably still lurks in the long grass at Padova – grass that hadn’t seen a mower for a very long time and hopefully wouldn’t for a while longer.

We took off as a formation into the haze and found the southern end of the Lido before turning towards Malamocco. Radio reception was again poor and thanks to toggle switch incompetence (again) we in the Tecnam had to turn away and let the CTSW crew, who were already happily talking to Lido Information, into the circuit to land before us. The views of the island city and the Lido itself were very impressive despite the haze and we arrived ready for a paddle and some lunch.

Venice 1Venice 5

CT on short final
CT on short final
Tecnam comes in second
Tecnam comes in second

And for a bit of fun – watch the whole flight in 5 minutes:


IMG_3082 Lido Shuffle

Venice Beach


Walking to the water bus with another visitor on short final . . .IMG_0579

Lunch near the Rialto BridgeIMG_0603

From the lunch table . . . Grand Canal regatta
Grand Canal regatta from the lunch table

Mark Venice Canal

Mark Venice Pano

On the water bus back to the Lido . . .

Nick wasn't smiling seconds later when a child threw up over his sandals
Nick wasn’t smiling seconds later when a child threw up over his sandals

Next leg: Venice Lido to Marina di Campo, Elba

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