Before the trip we flew into Gloucestershire Airport to meet Europa Club member, David Joyce. His excellent advice about Italy, formation flying, mountain flying, booking accommodation, etc. and the loan of charts was much appreciated.
Many thanks, David!

Great advice too from Rick Goddin and friends at Whitehill Farm Aero Club ( The anticipated problems flying in Italy with a microlight and SSEA in formation did not really materialize, but then were evident going into Calvi! We didn’t get the chance to swap round, ie. with the CTSW leading the Tecnam, as a pair of microlights, into a small Italian ULM strip!

Thanks (and apologies) to young pilot Johannes Schumm, who supplied copies of German airfield plates and was going to join us in Germany. Alas, we had to leave one plane behind and had no room and little time in Germany to see him. Next time Johannes! We’re already planning another southern Germany trip

Thanks as well needed to Rotax x 2 for getting us across 100 plus miles of Mediterranean without us feeling nervous.

Biggest thanks of all, perhaps, should go to the very clever people at SkyDemon. Most of the planning and almost all of the navigation relied on SD. It worked brilliantly on an iPad Mini in each aircraft with back up on iPhones. The ease of filing flightplans and GAR forms directly from the screen made the trip seem a doddle; the tracks and data collected helped immensely when putting the blog together. SD didn’t quite, however, overcome the incompetence in giving an estimate for the West Imola VRP from 50 miles away. Strange, that. There were mysterious differences too in the apparently identical routes used in each aircraft, hence the call “. . . any further east and you’ll be in Belgium” and “. . . my line’s different to your line”. These were down to such things as someone making changes to the route the night before and forgetting to tell anyone. The Garmin in the Tecnam provided an added reliability check but was almost superfluous.
Charts? Yes, we had them too but we can’t remember using them much.
SD Kempten Padova Elevation Profile

SD Track Kempten Padova

A rather non-standard holding pattern for Calvi. We were, in fact, looking for each other for some of it:Calvi Hold

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