Where shall we go?

Nick wanted to go to Greece. That’s what started it. There were complications, so it became Germany and Italy, with a possible excursion further south if the opportunity arose. Then Venice became a must, along with Rome, Elba, Corsica and the long sea crossing to Cannes.

First there were two of us, plus co-pilots, in a Sportcruiser and a Tecnam Sierra. Mark, with his CTSW, wasn’t going to miss out so we became six in three aircraft. Two dropped out so it became four in three aircraft. Disaster struck with days to go when the Sportcruiser was grounded with a suspected technical problem. This turned out to be a false alarm but the die had been cast. It would be four of us, in the Tecnam and the CTSW, who would set out on Thursday 5th June.

The plan was to land at Calais LFAC for customs, then on to Saarlouis EDRJ in Germany and Kempten EDMK in Bavaria, over the Alps via the Brenner Pass to Venice Lido LIPV, on to Roma Urbe LIRU, Marina di Campo LIRJ on the island of Elba, Propriano LFKO on Corsica, Cannes LFMD and back up through France. About ten days seemed right.

G-CFNV001 The Sportcruiser, sadly left behind at Finmere

Tecnam Sierra G-NFLY The Tecnam, two radios and two toggle switches

CTSW The CTSW, sometimes not a microlight

On to part 2: Finmere to Calais and Calais to Saarlouis

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