Kempten to Padova

We negotiated an early start from Kempten and taxied out on wet grass with little wind and at an airfield elevation over 2000′.
High Altitude

Mark Kempten Dep Photo

Some apprehension, added to by the sight of a flock of birds on the runway but . . . we were airborne less than half way down the strip and away towards the white pointy bits.

Same section taken with Garmin VIRB camera with GPS data:

Passing Pfronten, near Fȕssen, looking into Austria
Passing Pfronten, near Fȕssen, looking into Austria

The climb was slow as we made our way towards Füssen and after a brief glimpse of Neuschwanstein castle we crossed into Austria talking to Wien Information. We followed the VFR route aiming for 8500′. Innsbruck Tower gave us a CTR crossing at 8000′. The airport looked pretty small from up there.
IMG_3068 OH Innsbruck

Elp . . . Alps ahead! . . . . . Getting closer . . . . . . . . Won’t get over that!
Over the Alps Getting closer spot any good landing places yet
We struggled to get any glimpse of the pass at Brenner as we signed off from Innsbruck tower and headed downhill into Italy but did see the extensive motorway viaducts on the E45. We had no success in making radio contact with Bolzano or Padova Information even at 8000′, despite Nick’s brave attempt at an Italian accent and we continued into the increasing haze. It wasn’t until we were almost overhead Bolzano that we heard the tower.  Innsbruck

Innsbruck 2


SD Track Kempten Padova
We found Padova in the worsening haze. What can we say about this airfield? The less the better probably.
IMG_0547 IMG_0549 IMG_0550

The city, however, was very Italian. Impressive cathedral, good café, great restaurant, nondescript hotel.

Opposite the Basilica Sant'Antonio, Padova
Opposite the Basilica Sant’Antonio, Padova
Mark hasn't got his phone out!
Mark hasn’t got his phone out!
Padova Market - stalls around the edge and a delightful park in the centre
Padova Market – stalls around the edge and a delightful park in the centre

On to Venice in the morning.

Next leg: Padova to Venice Lido

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